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Watchmaker. Horologist.



My name is Sean. I am a hobbyist Watchmaker just starting my journey in Horology. I have been intrigued by watching other horologists disassemble, fix, clean, and reassemble wristwatches for quite some time. As a person fascinated by these videos on YouTube and TikTok, I thought, "Hey, I can do this too." That is just what I did. I decided to start my journey and record the process for prosperity.

I have always been interested in the precision of things. The more precise, the more interesting it is. Watchmaking is a very precise and wonderful hobby. I hope to learn a lot about this hobby, but it will probably always just be a hobby. I am a web designer by trade and own my firm. Korbco Consulting Group, LLC. I use my artistic side to help companies with their businesses.  But I do have many hobbies that I enjoy, and this is the latest. 

Enjoy your stay here at Wristwatch Overhaulin', and feel free to reach out any time.

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